ADS – Bespoke machines

ADS is your partner for parts feeding and orientation projects, but we also produce bespoke machines for assembling, machining and handling parts to meet your specific requirements.

Bespoke assembly machines

Design and construction of automatic or semi-automatic systems including the following functions:

  • Press fitting
  • Clipping
  • Headforming/riveting
  • Welding
  • Screwing
  • Bonding/lubrication
  • Mechanical, heat transfer or laser marking

Examples of bespoke assembly machines we have built: Machine for fitting flip-top bottle stoppers – Machine for assembling a switch for the automotive industry – Machine for welding spectacle arms

Machines spéciales ADS
Machine spéciale semi automatique soudage de branche de lunette
Machine spéciale Poste semi auto d'assemblage et de controle automobile

Bespoke inspection machines

Design and construction of automatic or semi-automatic systems including the following functions:

Checking geometry using sensing probes or vision
Checking airtightness using Ateq or Venturi-type equipment
Electrical functions using specific boards
Measuring strain using strain gauges
Checking colour or screen-printing by machine vision

Machines spéciales

Bespoke handling machines: loading – unloading – conveying

Design and construction of systems:

  • Electric or pneumatic pick and place systems
  • Integration of polyarticulated, SCARA or delta robots
  • Machine tool loader


Machine spéciale Chargement centre d'usinage
Machine spéciale Palettiseur ADS
Machine spéciale
Machine spéciale ADS dépanelisation chargement panel


Design and construction of custom depaneling systems based on principle of V-cutting printed circuit panels into smaller PCBs.
Stress-free cutting in an ESD environment.
Operating reserve allowing for an autonomy of 20 panels or more.
Possibility of guaranteeing component traceability by including barcode or Data Matrix scanners.
Possibility of adding electrical or vision inspection equipment in order to pinpoint and scrap nonconforming parts.
Component outlet via an enclosed ESD conveyor, which can be completed with a part-by-part separator and a synchronisation buffer to feed a downstream process.