ADS – Parts carriage
Custom solutions

ADS can build you a parts carriage system integrating the most suitable solutions to meet your specifications:

separators – robotics – retrofitting – reconditioning of vibratory bowl feeders


Separators are used first and foremost to isolate parts so that they can be processed individually, as required by the application. However, you can also add inspection, sorting and positioning functions.
The separator used will depend on the customer’s application and will take into account the constraints imposed by the environment.

Power source: Pneumatic, electric (digital)

Separators can be fitted on parts feeding and orientation systems.

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Installation of SCARA, delta, 6-axis robots (press output)
Design and construction of grippers, with or without compliance
Design and construction of dropping, re-machining and testing stations
Robot programming
Robot/machine vision combinations

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Retrofitting/Vibratory bowl reconditioning

  • Stripping, cleaning (metal bowls)
  • Adaptation to new products
  • Improvement of feed rates
  • Reassembly, testing, reconditioning of components
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